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meet marlow

We’re on a mission to revolutionize menstrual health.

Starting with clean & comfortable period care, doubled up with fun & accessible health education.


Marlow was founded in 2021 by four long-time best friends - Simone, Harit, Nadia and Kiara. What started out as a conversation among four friends about how annoying periods were, turned into a mission to positively transform the way we experience our cycles. We’re empowering our community to move, play, and be free, no matter what time of the month it is. We’re here to bring you refreshing, shame-free, and inclusive conversations and period care.

Your Period, Elevated

We were tired of disregarding how our period was really affecting our mood, health, and routine. We were tired of not knowing the ingredients we were putting into our bodies. And we were tired of pausing life and missing out on the things we loved because we couldn’t find products that worked for us.

At marlow, we’re changing that. We believe you should never have to “pause life” when on your period. Seriously. You deserve to have comfortable period products that empower you to go out and adventure regardless of the time of the month. Let’s put an end to “putting up with it”.

Let's Spark Some Conversation

We’re here to make the uncomfortable, comfortable.

Between the sub-par health classes and overwhelming google searches, it’s no wonder we’re afraid to talk about our periods. It’s not exactly easy to understand our bodies. 

From the way your cycle impacts your skin, to how you can adapt your exercise routine, to understanding how the hell to put a tampon in, at marlow, no topic is TMI. We’re here to learn with you.

The Scoop on Postpartum Periods with Mevi

The Scoop on Postpartum Periods with Mevi

Postpartum bleeding occurs in multiple stages as the body slowly removes leftover materials from pregnancy and childbirth. Periods classified as “postpartum” can last up to a year and range in cadence, severity, and pain.
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The Best Tampons for Light Flows

The Best Tampons for Light Flows

Do you have an extremely light flow? Check out our top tips for using tampons when you have a light flow.
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The Best Tampons for Vaginismus

The Best Tampons for Vaginismus

Check out our top tips to inserting tampons if you have vaginismus.
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