Our Story

A Conversation Among Friends

It all started with a conversation among friends (that would be us) about how our current products were limiting.

Whether we were stressed about using a tampon to swim (the thought of shoving a dry cotton stick up there... ouch), to the overly feminine branding that didn’t resonate with us, to the fact that, time and time again, we ran out of product at the worst possible moment... let’s just say we all had some issues.


We realized that we had all ignored these problems for years, mostly because we were too uncomfortable to talk about them. Mix that in with a lack of education and a touch of shame and we found ourselves facing unnecessary limitations in our lives.

So, we decided to stir things up.


At Marlow, we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what we’ve been socialized to “put up” with.

Marlow exists to transform the way you experience menstrual health, from the conversations you start, to the information you receive, to the products you use.


We are all Marlow. We strive to live life on our own terms, not by what is dictated by the time of the month or social norms. We crave a deep understanding of our bodies and we prioritize our own wellbeing.

Are you in?

It's time to spark some much needed conversation. 

Meet the Original Marlows    ✸
The Marlow Team

We are a group of unconventional thinkers, ambitious dreamers, and outdoor lovers, working together to transform the way we all experience menstrual health.

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