Goodbye 👋 dry plastic stick,
hello lubricated comfort.

It's time for a smoother tampon experience.

How It Works:

The Marlow lubricant bottle is engineered to perfectly coat your tampon in lubricant with one quick, mess-free dip.

Pull out the inner tube of the compact applicator.
Dip Marlow tampon into lubricant.
Insert for a smooth experience.

"I didn’t realize that putting a tampon in is usually slightly painful, because with the lube it felt like nothing."

- Emma

The Marlow Experience

Making tampons easy to use and easy to buy. Shipped straight to your door every three months, so you'll never run out again.

Pause, modify or cancel at any time.

We are all Marlow.

We strive to live life on our own terms, not by what is dictated by the time of the month or social norms. We crave a deep understanding of our bodies and we prioritize our own wellbeing.

Tampons and lubricant delivered straight to your door. ✸

Our Standard

100% Organic Cotton Tampons with a Plant Based Applicator

pH Balanced Water-Based Lubricant

Free of Fragrance, Dyes, and Irritants

Bundle & Save 10%

Both our tampons and lubricant,
designed for a smoother insertion process.

Marlow's tampons and lubricant are produced to medical device standards and approved by Health Canada. Marlow tampons and lubricant have been tested together for safety. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The beginning of a new period.

We spend over six years of our lives actively on our periods, so why do we awkwardly avoid talking about them? Why do we cruise down the aisle on auto-pilot? And why do we learn the bare minimum in sex ed?

As menstruators ourselves, we know how ridiculous it is that menstruation is steeped in whispers and misinformation.

At Marlow, we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what we’ve been socialized to “put up” with. Marlow exists to transform the way you experience menstrual health, from the conversations you start, to the information you receive, to the products you use.

Meet the Team