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The Five Star
Marlow Experience



"Even on the driest days, insertion was easy and painless. It really is your average tampon but better."

- Cristina C.


Mind blowing.

"I didn’t realize that putting a tampon in is usually slightly painful because with the lube it felt like nothing."

- Emma


10/10 Experience

"I have vaginismus so firstly just so appreciative of the content you post but secondly 10/10 tampon experience. So much smoother than I expected!"

- Neena


"I've tried them all - cardboard applicators, plastic applicators, juniors, teen sizes, lights. No matter what I tried, tampons would always be uncomfortable and leave me sore. With marlow, I've finally found a tampon I can comfortably insert and wear!"

- Abbey S.


My new go-to period product!

"I was able to wear my bathing suits BECAUSE I COULD NOW USE A TAMPON!"

- Viv