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Marlow's First Period Kit: Tampon Edition

Gift the period you wish you had. Gift your child the ultimate period 101 kit - tampon edition:

  • 2 boxes of 100% organic cotton tampons (18 light & 18 regular tampons) - better for you and the planet. 
  • Tampon lubricant for easy insertion - enough to go with 2 boxes of tampons!
  • 1 period travel bag - perfectly fits the marlow lubricant and a few tampons for on-the-go use at school!
  • 1 marlow tote - the perfect bag to pack your books, lunch, and marlow goodies!
  • The ultimate period survival guide - covering topics like, what is a period? What symptoms can I get? How do I use tampons? And more!
  • Marlow stickers to add some excitement & joy to your child's first period.